Episode 7: Jasmin

Meet Jasmin

Age: 29

Salary: N/A

Employment: Marketing

Savings and Investments: 

  • Savings Balance = $5,000
  • Retirement fund balance = $5,000


  • $0
  • Just paid off $10,000 in medical bills

The lowdown on Jas

Jasmin (Jas) is my friend and coworker. She has made HUGE financial strides in the last year or so. The problem? She has no idea how to invest, and she hadn’t started saving for the future until she was 28. Believe it or not, waiting until you are 28 years old to start investing for the future is really bad idea.

She had $0 saved, up until last year. She got focused, fixed some maladies in her financial life, and then turned her focus to her financial future. Her solution to her late start is as effective as it is shocking. She cranked it up, and you won’t believe the results. But there’s one more issue. She doesn’t understand her 401k investment choices, at all.


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