Fill in the blank

Fill in the blank.
Life would be much easier if I had more _____. I try to ask myself this question every couple of months. I rarely come up with the same answers. I can tell you that money is very rarely the answer. I think you will agree that money doesn’t insure happiness or ease of living. In fact, I would argue that it (money) actually masks major problems in peoples’ lives. Some of the highest income people I know have incredibly hard and complex lives. The large amounts of money actually serve to magnify some major issues.

So what is the answer to the blank? Is it faith, patience, intelligence, discipline, truthfulness, hot wings, good politicians, hands, wives? I love to ask myself this question because it lets me know what I need to work on. If money happens to be the answer, then I just pay attention to my current spending, and the problem is usually solved.

What one thing would make your life easier today?

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