Fix Your Finances: Day 1


Last week I fixed someone’s finances. I took Terri, a single professional in her late 20s with no kids, and made her account for every dollar of her life. She has a whopping $100,000 in school debt. Right now, she is affording her lifestyle, but she does have a few bad habits she’ll need to break if she wants to get serious about making her money work for her.

Step one of this Fix Your Finances week brought to you by Fox59 was to sit down and establish some short-term goals with Terri. The goals we established were to save $1,000 by April, focus on paying off credit cards before student loans, and spend money between 10-14 times per week. Her debt is forcing her to live in the past, but once we get her on track, she can focus on the future.

Make this YOUR very own Fix Your Finances week by first downloading the Fix Your Finances Self-Assessment to establish where you are financially.

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