Garage cleaning

Being a minimalist currently isn’t popular. Yes, I understand that minimalism was originally an art and design movement in the 1960s, yet it has also been used to describe a lifestyle that doesn’t rely on quantity in order to achieve satisfaction. Many people don’t take the time to evaluate their position in the minimalism hierarchy; mainly because their brain is cluttered with an automated inventory of all of their earthly possessions. You would think that a recession, itself, would be motivating enough to seek the solace of material introspection, alas it generally is not.

So what does the trick? What will cause you to see the ridiculousness of our cultures subliminal obsession with collection? For me, it was cleaning out my garage on a cool August day. The end result was a clean garage, full trash cans, and an appreciation of a lesson learned.

I have a lot of crap. This not being a Gastrointestinal blog, I think you know that I mean, “I have a tremendous amount of stuff that I don’t need or want.” This was epitomized by the cooler filled with Thank You notes and golf tees. The irony.

I urge you strongly to employ some sort of strategy with the purpose of discovery your place on the hoarding spectrum. You will de-clutter your life, your mind, and your spirit.

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