Giving to charity when the budget is tight

The holidays are upon us and with them comes an increased need from charitable causes. But what if your budget has no room left for charitable giving? In this clip, courtesy of Fox 59, I talk about ways to be charitable without the financial stress of giving cash.

My Ideal Budget suggests that 5% of your take home pay can be allocated for charity, but what if you are struggling to feel motivated to donate? My encouragement is that donating money, time, talents, and/or physical objects to charity is excellent for your financial wellness! You may be thinking, “but I’m trying to get out of debt,” and it’s true there may be times when giving cash isn’t an option, but being charitable doesn’t always have to carry a dollar amount. I like to think of finding the right charity to give to be like finding the right exercise program. You know you should exercise but if you don’t like the program you are doing you won’t be motivated to actually work out. Same goes for donating to a charity, so don’t be afraid to ‘shop around’ and find a charity that fits your skills.

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