Have lemons? Make an entrepreneur


Lemonade Day is coming up on May 17th! I’m a huge fan of this event and I’m excited to play my part in it. In order to kick off Lemonade Day sign-ups in the Greater Indianapolis area, I want to share my top three reasons why Lemonade Day is great for kids:

1) It fosters the entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurial skills can be developed at a young age and Lemonade Day gives you all the tools you need. I love that kids are given the opportunity to not only learn about the need for capital, but they can even develop a video to potentially earn even more business seed money. How cool is that? It will also give them insight into how a business is run. And when they understand more about how a business is run, it will make them a better consumer.

2) It’s physical. With all the screen time kids are exposed to today, getting kids out into the world is always a good thing. Lemonade Day will not only get your kid exposed to a new side of business, but it will get them out and interacting with new people. Creating videos, building a stand, and interacting with customers are just a few of the physical benefits.

3) A chance to learn fiscal responsibility. Of course there is the money aspect. All profits earned by the lemonade stands are for the young entrepreneur to keep. This gives you as the parent the perfect time to teach your kid about money. Where should it go? What should it be used for? And most importantly, should any of it be given away?

I highly recommend doing Lemonade Day with your kid. I started last year with my daughter Ollie and I’m really looking forward to working with her on it again this year.

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