How should a 22 year old start his financial life?

I’m always available to answer your questions via email (from time to time, I’ll feature a question on The Pete the Planner Radio Show). I love financial wellness questions. Sadly, they excite me.  Tyler, a 22 year old listener/reader, recently dropped me this great question.

Dear Pete

I’m 22. I feel like my whole life is in front of me. In fact, my whole financial life is in front of me too. The goods is I have no student loans. I just got a job. I’m about to move out of my parents’ house. I’m starting from ground zero. What should a 22 year old do to build their financial life?


I answered this question on my radio show recently. Here’s the answer. Oh, and here’s the Ideal Household Budget I mentioned in my answer. I touch on budgeting, saving, and making a smart housing decision in relation to your place of employment.


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