I am hoping you are snaggletoothed

There are two reasons that people bite the inside of their mouth when they chew food. Reason #1, you are snaggletoothed (see picture above). Reason #2, you are retaining too much weight, and your face is puffy. So the question is this: Do you wait until you bite your inner cheek before you decide to lose weight?

Do you start driving slower and safer once you get a speeding ticket?

Should you wait until something bad happens financially before you change your bad financial habits? Should you wait until you bounce a check before you start balancing your checkbook?

The answer to all of these questions is: NO. Be proactive, not reactive. It will put you way ahead. Unless the only reason you are biting your cheeks is because you are snaggletoothed. If that is the case, mind your financial situation, save your money, and call my Uncle Bruce (he is a dentist).

You must be proactive. You cannot afford to procrastinate. You cannot wait until your child is in high school before you start saving for college. Get a vision, and act on it.

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