I can’t afford to hate you

As you know, a common topic on this forum is money and marriage. Sometimes the two go together like a peanut butter and hair sandwich. There is a refreshing(?) article out on MSNBC.com that suggests that people are seeking solutions opposed to divorces in this tough economic climate. You mean people are actually looking for a way out of a way out? Weird. Who would ever think that reasonable discourse is the solution?

People are deciding that they can barely afford to live on two incomes, so there is now way that they can live on just one. A lack of money communication often leads to money conflict, and the continued avoidance of money communication squashes any chance for resolution. Therefore, if you can’t afford divorce, and you are forced to talk about it, then you will probably find a peaceful resolution.

Yes, talking about money with your spouse can be stressful. But, be an adult, and deal with it. Nine year olds take their ball and go home. Adults work out problems. I think we may have just identified a silver lining. Financial meltdowns save marriages. Perfect. What cures athlete’s foot?

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