Impromptu Garage Sale – Who’s In?

My neighborhood is having a community Garage Sale this weekend. I saw the sign on my drive to work. I never participate in these sorts of things because I’m generally freaked out by strangers milling around my garage. However, I decided that I would participate this weekend in the name of (financial) science. It’s Eat What You Earn Weekend. Okay, I made that up. But why not?

We are going to use the money we make in this impromptu Garage Sale to pay for dinner on Saturday night. If we make $20, then we eat cheap. If we make $150, then I’ll be calling a cab…kidding.

Do it.

One thought on “Impromptu Garage Sale – Who’s In?

  1. If I were not in Seymour all weekend I would participate. I have a large oriental rug, lots of boy’s baby clothes, a sharp, modern desk and other fine things I would sell in your garage.

    I would give you my money and enjoy some wine and chats with Sarah while you made us dinner. Can you make corn dogs? The boys like corn dogs.

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