Learn how this 20 something couple retired and traveled the world

Holy cow, that blog title is absolutely ridiculous. In fact, shame on you for clicking on something so outlandishly spammy. But here’s the thing: this really is a blog post about a young couple that gave up high-paying jobs in Chicago to change their lives forever and just travel the world. I recently spoke with them on The Pete the Planner Radio Show on 93 WIBC.


Josh and Caroline Eaton gave up everything to redefine their lives. But the interesting thing is once they gave up pretty much all their earthly possessions, it didn’t even feel like there was much value in the things they gave up. As part of their retirement, they started the travel blog Traveling9to5.comThey give travel tips and talk about life on the road. In addition, they each have their own business. Caroline explores her passion for fitness with Fitcee and Josh makes the internet work with JoshEaton.org.

I’ve always loved discussing a redefined idea of success. It’s incredibly refreshing to talk to people that aren’t consumed with the house in the suburbs, giant financial obligations, and climbing the corporate ladder.

Oh, and here’s one more pic of their adventure. Look at it and imagine the possibilities, as you listen to their inspiring tale.


Josh and Caroline Eaton Part 1

Josh and Caroline discuss life in Chicago, and why they quit the rat race.

Josh and Caroline Eaton Part 2

Some great travel stories and lessons learned.

Josh and Caroline Eaton Part 3

How you can retire in your 20’s too.

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