Lemonade Day 2015 is almost here!

I love Lemonade Day. It’s one of the coolest days in Indy. Not only does it get kids out there learning how to be entrepreneurs, but it’s also the perfect opportunity for parents to teach kids about how to responsibly manage money.

This year Lemonade Day falls on May 16th. Registration is open so you can go here to get your kid registered. Anyone over the age of 3 can participate, which means #DailyTed is getting in on the lemonade game this year. Get ready to be overwhelmed with insane pictures on May 16th. It’s going to be great.

This past week I interviewed the director of Indianapolis’ Lemonade Day, Jami Marsh on The Pete the Planner Radio Show. She told me the most exciting/unbelievable fact: over the past 6 years the 50,000+ kids who have participated in Lemonade Day have donated nearly $10 million to their communities!!! AMAZING! This just highlights another reason why this program is so great, not only does it teach entrepreneurship but it also strongly emphasizes philanthropy. Lemonade Day is raising up good citizens, and it’s a beautiful project to be a part of.

So what can you do? If you have kids, register them today. Go here to sign up. Also, I’m hosting an adult Double-Dare style game show at the Indy Fringe Theater on April 9th to promote and support this awesome program. Buy tickets here and you’ll get to see my best Marc Sommers impression.

Don’t live in Indy, but still want to participate in Lemonade Day? Check out the national site to get involved in your local Lemonade Day.

For more info, listen to Jami Marsh on The Pete the Planner Radio Show here:

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