Letters from Wharton: Micro Addition

I don’t have much time this morning. This is going to be quick.
Things I learned yesterday.
  • In dealing with investment decisions: the pain of an investment loss is 2.5 times greater than the exuberance that can come with an investment gain.
  • People act on their investments more when they are angry, opposed to fearful.

Important points of note.

  • During snack time, I ate a granola bar (called a Luna bar) that is especially made for women. They didn’t have anything healthy at the table other than that bar. How can food be designed for a specific gender. I have been paranoid all day that my Adam’s apple is shrinking. I freaked myself out last night because I asked someone for directions. This is not good
  • Why is Steve short for Stephen? Shouldn’t it be Stephe? Stephen doesn’t have a “V”; therefore he should only be able to work with what he’s got. I think that it is unfair to use other letters when forming a nickname. I think it is an affront to the alphabet.

Talk to you later. One more day class.

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