Losing your credit card

 Yes, I lost my credit card yesterday. It was a small dose of financial mortality. I felt vulnerable, scared, and nervous. Mrs. Planner and I use our credit card for all of our expenses, and then we pay it off at the end of the month. I don’t even carry my debit card. I was 60 miles from home when I figured out that I had misplaced the card, and I started to wonder if I could actually get home.

How sad is that? I didn’t need the card. I had plenty of gas. I didn’t need any food. Yet, I was affected by the fact that I couldn’t buy anything if I wanted to. This certainly was a wake up call for me. I can’t believe I was that dependent on a stupid peace of plastic for financial security.

Oh, and try canceling a credit card that you don’t have the account number or 1-800 number to. Good times.

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