Making a big purchase

In today’s economy, making a big purchase can feel pretty daunting. One thing’s for sure, you want to be sure you’re getting the best purchase for your money.

Right now, QUALITY matters more than ever. If something is well-made, it will last longer. And it will hold it’s value better. I mean, who wouldn’t prefer owning something that’s well-made?

And yet, it’s often a concept people forget about, especially when it comes to something like buying a car.

It’s easy to be seduced by flashy discounts these days. They sure sound good. But your best bet is still to choose quality.

Toyota, for instance, is famous for their quality. And if you look at, you’ll see how that quality translates into savings. says that Toyota:

  • has won more ‘Best Car for the Money’ Awards than any other full-line manufacturer
  • is the MOST fuel-efficient full-line manufacturer on the road today
  • has the BEST retained value of any full-line manufacturer on the road today

Just think about this last award “the BEST retained value.” See, if a car holds its value, that’s because lots of people want to buy it, even a used one. That, right there, tells you a whole lot about the quality of the vehicle.

The current economy has created unprecedented deals for car buyers. But if you’re looking to take advantage of these deals, be sure you’re buying quality.

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