Market poised to get beaten like a red headed…

First of all, as a redhead I take offense to this cliche. But, I guess its better than the all the cliches involving my first name.

The market looks like it is getting to get beat up again today. This will inevitably stress some people out. It’s just more negative news that none of us need. But then again many people are getting numb to it. Unfortunately numb doesn’t help anyone. Therefore its time for Pete the Planner’s Serenity Tip of the Week.

We are way passed offsetting negative financial news with ignorance. You can no longer ignore it. Instead you should offset it with skill building. What I’m saying is that you should start looking at the market downturn as good thing. If you haven’t stopped reading, then you will allow me to explain this crazy statement.

You know your uncle Dave? Yeah, the uncle that had the “health scare”. The one that lost 40 pounds, stopped drinking bacon fat, stopped smoking, started exercising, and discovered fiber. His life was changed forever in a positive way when his health headed south.  Sure, he had plenty of warning signs in regards to his health, but he ignored them. He didn’t view this “really bad thing” as a good thing until it got extreme.

So let’s say that you start viewing all the bad market stuff as an opportunity to improve your money health. That way every time that you hear negative economic news you decide to work harder at improving your personal finances. Think of it this way. You have been in a classic game of tug-o-war with the economy, but you have simply been trying not to lose. You have only been pulling hard enough to not get pulled into the pit. But now it’s time to pull…hard. Suck it up, Chachie. You need to start fighting back. You can’t fight the market, so fight your other financial demons. Make your bad habits your red headed stepchild.

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