That one time I wrote 6 books in 4 months and my publisher went bankrupt 30 days before release

Catchy headline, eh? True headline, sadly. Well, kinda true. Whether they went bankrupt or not is the disputed detail. Basically the group that contracted me to write six books over a four month period was closed by their parent company. Honestly, I don’t even remember. It was a bit of dark period for me.

From July somethingth of 2015 to November 4th of 2015 I wrote six entire books. I woke (kinda) at 4am every day, and wrote until 10am, seven days a week, for four months. Barnes and Nobles had graciously agreed to carry the series in stores worldwide. In a nutshell, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I need to condense the next part of the story so I can get to my point. The books still launched, without any marketing support, and I’ve lived to tell the tale. As a quick side note, if you’d like to make me feel better about the whole ordeal, buy the Your Money Life books right now. 

I have a point – the four months was the hardest four months of my life. My body and brain hurt, for a good 120 days, but I did it. All six books were published. And because of that, I’m confident I can accomplish anything I ever try. It’s a wicked little curse. An idea enters my head, I decide it’s important to me to accomplish, I remember the six books in four months thing, doubt instantly disappears, and work commences.

I’ve learned to tap that curse for more things than just work. I’ve talked to several friends about this idea, and we started exchanging stories about our biggest accomplishments. Before long, our current challenges, and work conundrums began to feel small. Then we started talking about our biggest financial accomplishments, and our current financial challenges began to feel small too.

It’s amazing we survive some of the crap we go through. From trying relationships to curvy careers to terrifying health scares, our darkest hours and the victories which arise in spite of the darkness, are our best pieces of proof of what’s possible.

From a financial perspective, from time to time you’re going to run out of juice. Cash flow will tighten, your discipline will wane, and you’ll find yourself reaching for the surrender flag. In that moment you must take yourself back to the darkest moment of your biggest accomplishment and retrace your steps. You can outlast your financial challenges, but it requires the same efforts which resulted in your life’s biggest accomplishments.

I’m in the midst of a giant project right now, with pretty long odds. But you know what? It’s honestly not harder than writing six books in four months. I did that, so I can do this.

You did what you did, and now you can do what you need to do.

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