Pete is still alive

As you know, I ran a half marathon this past weekend with Mrs. Planner and some friends. There is a lot to be learned about yourself when you run that far. You have a tremendous amount of time to think about failing or succeeding. I, of course, started thinking about how running relates to money. Here is what I came up with.

  • If planning your financial future was only 1:45 of torture and then you would be set for life, people would still give up or not even start.
  • When you hit the halfway mark in the race you can either say, “Oh, no. I’m only half way.” Or you can say “Yes! I am already half way”
  • Running has no gender bounds.
  • There is always some guy running in a costume. (This has nothing to do with money).
  • 3 Blackhawk helicopters flew over the start, and couldn’t stop thinking how many tax dollars went to pay for it.
  • Some people get to the end of their journey (running or retirement) and they look relaxed (like my friend J.O.), or they look like they have 10 seconds to live (like the guy covered in drool that I passed near the finish….what? Did you think I was going to stop and wipe his drool?)

Anyway, we had a great time. All four of us go personal bests.

  • Mrs. Planner got 16th overall for the women.
  • Lucas ran the marathon and got 11th, and qualified for Boston.
  • J.O. ran a personal best, and didn’t sweat.
  • I passed a guy that was drooling near the finish, and bested my previous time by 45 minutes. I guess I didn’t need that extra 50 pounds I had been carrying.

Go Colts

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