Pete will lose weight and donate $1,000 to charity

Oh man, get ready, this week’s episode is next level.

This week on PTPTV, I sat down with my good friend Kelsey Taylor to talk about the intersection of fitness and finances. Kelsey is an amazing person and a killer personal trainer. She spends her days keeping the employees at her place of work physically healthy.

Physical health and financial health are not that different. Though if you are like me, you may excel in one over the other. It all comes down to discipline, determination, and goal setting. Are you justifying poor food choices by their low price tag? Not worth it. You have to balance financial and physical health. A focus on physical health can often lead to higher monthly expenses in the form of gym memberships and healthy groceries, yet the benefit of this type of lifestyle change is unmatched. We are thinking in the short-term, not the long-term. Every day I’m trying to prevent you from waking up 30 years from now with an empty retirement account, Kelsey is trying to prevent you from waking up out of shape and in extremely poor health. It’s all about prevention.

Kelsey is SO good at what she does I somehow managed to commit myself to letting her help me lose weight. Kelsey likes high stakes so she told me if I don’t lose the weight I have to donate $1,000 to Dove Recovery House for women. And if I do lose the weight? I’ll still donate the money. PLUS she’ll take me clubbing. Have I mentioned I’m a grumpy old man whose never been clubbing? Yeah… this is going to be interesting.

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