Ep. 352: Financially Preparing Yourself for Tough Times

Have a question? Let us know! askpete@petetheplanner.com This week…oh boy. Pete and Damian talk about what’s important about money right now.  ::whisper:: You should keep this link in your bookmarks — HEY MONEY! Can’t listen? Check the Show Notes! Show Notes: What…

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Ep. 332 Power Percentage

Ep. 332: Power Percentage™

Introducing Power Percentage™. You have been trying to measure your financial life for years. You measure it by your credit score, your net worth, your income, your savings or retirement account balances… yet none of those reward you for good behavior…

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Ep 331: Preparing for A Prenup & More!

The tag team is back again! This week, Pete and Damian tackle Considerations when Preparing for a Prenuptial Agreement, Going into Debt to buy Furniture, and ‘Retirement Confidence.’ Three very real topics, for very real people! Can’t listen? Check the Show Notes! Show Notes:…

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