PTPTV Ep. 17: Ask A Lawyer

Sometimes you need an expert. I’ve tried my hand at YouTube-ing home improvement solutions or Wikipedia-ing answers, but there are some areas where you’d be completely foolish not to go to an expert. Maybe it means hiring an accountant or an insurance agent. One of those experts is an attorney.

This week on PTPTV, I talk to James Bell. James is a criminal defense attorney (ahem, this goes without saying but, DEFINITELY get an expert if you’re facing criminal charges) and we talk about the pros and cons of using a certain website (herein referred to as “BeagleDoom”.com) for your will and trust planning rather than hiring an expert. When it comes down to it, it’s just more costly to take the risk of having a shoddy will than it is to come up with the cash for an attorney’s fees. You know I never sugarcoat financial consequences so I won’t do it here. Do you really want the fate of your children and all of your assets to rely on a document created on the internet for $65?  James does make a disclaimer for this: if you are in a situation where you absolutely cannot afford to meet with a lawyer, a “BeagleDoom”.com will is better than having nothing at all.

I loved this interview with James because he’s not just an expert, he’s a fun expert. It may very well be the most entertaining and informative conversation I’ve had about death and “post-retirement” planning. I also ask James some probing questions I’ve had about legal ethics, the perception of greedy lawyers, his tone when he shouts, “I OBJECT!”, and whether or not he’d defend a guilty client.

Check out our conversation below and make a move today to meet with an expert and plan for your financial future.

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  1. You said it right! I visit your blog pretty often and I always feel smarter afterwards.
    I shared this article on Facebook and my friends thought it was
    great too. Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate what you’re doing
    here. Sincerely, Your #1 fan! lol 🙂

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