PTPTV Ep. 21 Body Language

As you know, it’s my goal to help you improve in every area of your financial life. Sometimes this includes communicating at work about a job change, a pay raise, or even making a sale to a client. To make sure every aspect of that interaction goes well, I brought on Lisa Mitchell, body language expert and founder of Body language is something you “speak” whether you know it or not, intentionally or not. Might as well make sure you’re saying the right thing, right?

Lisa is an absolute pro. She teaches me about mico-expressions, starfishing, and how to convey confidence (even if you’re not feeling confident). We even talk about body language in dating and relationships! It’s possible I’ve been reading too much Cosmo but Lisa sets me straight on the various cues.

Watch our episode and learn more about Power Body Language by checking out Lisa’s website, following her on Twitter, or on Facebook.

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