PTPTV Ep. 24: Interview with a Headhunter

This week on PTPTV, I welcome my guest Jon Rosser, a recruiter from Platinum Recruiting. I wanted to use the term “headhunter” but I’ve since learned it’s not the most flattering term. And since I started off being slightly offensive, this is a bourbon episode! This interview was especially interesting to me because, well, I’ve never really…had a job. I’ve been self-employed. I’m probably completely unemployable now that I think about it…

You will likely change jobs multiple times over the course of your career and as a result, you may have heard about headhunters at least once or twice. Are they good? Are they bad? What is effective networking? Why is it good to have a headhunter in my network? And finally, do I really need to bring the customary leather portfolio to my interview? There is a lot of rumor and hearsay when it comes to recruiting, job searching, and headhunting, get the facts as I ask the questions with Jon in today’s episode of PTPTV.

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