PTPTV Ep. 28: I’ll Have Another With Lindsey Hein

We mix it up on PTPTV this week! For this episode, I’m in the guest seat and podcaster Lindsey Hein is hosting. She’s hilarious and I was happy to be the one on the other end of the questions for a change. We talk about finances of course, but also exercise, 529 plans, the Starbucks pay-it-forward line, and a lot more.

If you enjoyed the change of host, check out Lindsey Hein’s podcast, I’ll Have Another, follow her on Twitter, or read more about her on her site.

One thought on “PTPTV Ep. 28: I’ll Have Another With Lindsey Hein

  1. This was such a fun episode. I even started following Lindsey’s podcast on Stitcher because of this interview. Keep up the great content.

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