PTPTV Ep. 7: Unconventional financial success and the Philosophical Plumber

This week on PTPTV, I met up with my friend Jack Hope, of Hope Plumbing, to talk about unconventional success.There is this idea of a “traditional” financial life and you may buy into it: a one-size-fits-all picture of success. The basic path of college, 9-to-5 work in an office, and eventually (hopefully) a successful retirement. Not only is this a limited view of success, it can also be a bad option for some people. If you’re just not interested or suited for post-secondary education, you can end up with tens of thousands of dollars of debt and a career you hate. I don’t want your financial life to ruin the rest of your life like this.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. I come from a plumbing background—my father owned his own plumbing business. So this concept of alternative career paths isn’t unfamiliar to me. A bonus of this is I understand how an unconventional career doesn’t necessarily correlate with an unsuccessful financial life.

When Jack was last on my radio show, something really cool came out of that. A young guy was listening and heard Jack talk about his plumbing business and he decided to call him up. Next thing you know, this guy is now a part of Jack’s team and has seen a 45% increase in his earnings because of this switch.

To hear more on unconventional success, watch the episode above. Also, don’t forget to follow Jack @hopeplumbing on Twitter, or even join his team (especially you, Future Female Plumbers).

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