Random thoughts – in the dark

I’m laying in bed right now. It’s pitch black in my room – except for the glow of my iPhone. Mrs. Planner is asleep next to me; our son is due any day now. She would punch me in the throat if she knew I was blogging right now.

I haven’t blogged recently, but that doesn’t mean I’m not working on stuff for you. I have several exciting things working right now. Here are some that might interest you:

  • My radio show is going strong on 93 WIBC FM. I had a radio show on an AM station for three years, so it’s nice to actually hear my voice, and not just AM static and crackle. I have a new segment on the show called “Financial Speed Dating.” It works like this: you email me a financial decision that you are trying to make, I’ll call you, and then we discuss on the radio show. At the end of the 10 minute segment, you will have the definitive answer. It’s fun, and more importantly, you can get a tough question answered.
  • The Molly Project is going strong. Molly has made some great strides. I hope to bring you an update very soon.
  • I’ve completely changed my mind about whether or not a married couple should have separate banking accounts. More on that next week, baby willing.
  • I’ve noticed that single dudes spend a ridiculous amount of money on food. For them, food, beer, and socializing get rolled into one category. This gets expensive. I’ve come up with a brilliant solution for this. You guessed it, more on this later.
  • I saw some amazing strides made by clients in the last few weeks. It works like this. My “Should I Meet with Pete” clients meet with me for the first time for 75 minutes. In that time, I learn EVERYTHING about their financial lives and habits. I then give them three very specific tasks to accomplish prior to our next meeting (a month later). It’s a test. At the beginning of the next meeting, the clients report on their progress. Most of the time it’s magical. Sometimes it’s not. It truly is amazing what people can accomplish in 30 days with the right technique, motivation, and confidence.

That’s about it for now. Things may be a bit quiet for a while. I’ll be giving my son the undivided attention that he deserves. Gotta go. I don’t want to wake the pregnant lady laying next to me.


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