RePete Ep.1: What is work/life balance?

We’ve got big things happening at PTP HQ,  we’ll be releasing a second episode of the Pete the Planner® Show each Thursday! You likely noticed the change from The Million Dollar Plan to The Pete the Planner® Show, and now we are finalizing all the changes with a new, quirky second weekly episode. We want this episode to be a bit irreverent, a bit off the record, maybe a bit of a repeat… err RePete of topics discussed in the main PTP Show. Yep, this will be the RePete episode. Nobody can resist a good pun!

But we’re not *just* launching a new, weekly episode. This RePete episode is a perfect time to launch a place for you all to go to talk about topics that interest you from the show. Please join us in the RePeter’s Private Facebook Group. This will be a private online community, exclusive to our listeners where you can chat about what’s happening on the podcast, money topics in the news, your struggles, your wins, recipe ideas, and if someone wants to talk fishing, Pete won’t complain. While no topic is necessarily off limits, this will be a no judgment, no hate, and no trolls zone! 

Get in on this group early so you can get insider info and all the #BTS show access. Join the online community here and while you’re at it make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast. New episode drops tomorrow! Any questions? Drop us an email at

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