RePete Ep. 2: Who is your financial role model?

We’re back with another episode of RePete! This week’s question of the week: who are your financial role models?

I’ve always searched for a role model, consciously or subconsciously, in almost every aspect of my life. It was no different when it came to my financial life. There’s been at least one particular person’s financial career I’ve been observing, on a regular basis. What inevitably started as mimicking the financial successes of my parents, I find nowadays my role models are my friends and colleagues. And what Pete and I discovered as we prepared for this episode, we tend to craft ourselves into a financial Frankenstein of those we look up to the most.

Who are you a financial Frankenstein of? We want to know who YOUR financial role model(s) is/are. Remember that little FaceBook group we kicked off last week with the new podcast? Perhaps, The RePeters may bring a bell? This is our private online community, exclusive to our listeners to chat about what’s happening on the podcast, money topics in the news, and everything else in between. After you’ve listened to the latest RePete episode, we want you to head over to the FaceBook group and join in on the question of the week. If you haven’t joined yet, click here to be added to the group today!


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