RePete Ep. 4: The ins and outs of home equity

On this episode of RePete we’re dedicating a whole show to your dear friend, home equity. Yes! This will be the first in our expert series where Pete and I bring in an expert on a topic we want all the insider tips on. And, after receiving a few emails revolving around home equity, we decided it was the only sign needed to make a full episode of it.

The first expert up? Making his PTP Show debut, Damian Dunn, our lead Financial Concierge on Your Money Line,  joins us live in studio! To answer your question, no, they aren’t related. And to answer your next question, yes, they get asked that a LOT. Through this episode, Pete and Damian work through two different examples to show the basic break down of equity, how property increases come into play, and so much more.

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Nicole is the Digital Marketing Assistant at Pete the Planner®. She produces the radio show, podcast, and TV show. Additionally, she runs all email campaigns, webinars, and client programming. Nicole can be found drinking a Kombucha wherever there is an outdoor music festival.

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