RePete Ep. 6: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your 401k

On this episode of RePete we’re joined by Rick Unser to talk about your 401k! (Ok, not your 401k specifically, but you know what I’m getting at.) Pete and I wanted someone to help us understand 401ks on a deeper level and what changes are going on in the 401k industry. That person,  without-a-doubt, is Rick. He is a Workplace Retirement Consultant with Lockton Companies, LLC,  and host of 401(k) Fridays Podcast. Needless to say, a true retirement expert.

Throughout this episode, Pete and Rick dive into how target date funds fit into the 401k world. They look at changes going on within the industry and peek at the current happenings/trends going on within the 401k world right now.

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