RePete Ep. 7: Complicated financial tools back to basics

This week we bring you: the final episode of RePete. We tried a little something different this summer, but you asked and for once we’re listening. The next extension episode you hear will feature a guest asking their financial question(s) to Pete.

But for our final episode, we wrap up our expert series with Pete’s favorite financial podcaster, Joe Saul-Sehy. He’s a former financial advisor of 16 years, represented American Express and Ameriprise in the media, and is the host of Stacking Benjamins. In short: he’s a guest long overdue. Throughout this episode, Pete and Joe explore some of the more intricate financial tools and bring them back to basics.

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Nicole is the Digital Marketing Assistant at Pete the Planner®. She produces the radio show, podcast, and TV show. Additionally, she runs all email campaigns, webinars, and client programming. Nicole can be found drinking a Kombucha wherever there is an outdoor music festival.

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