Should you be able to sell your…

Welcome to a very disjointed and uncomfortable blog entry. I apologize in advance for your discomfort, but I think this is interesting.
I had a friend email me last week in regards to this ethical question: Should you be able to sell your organs? Yes, in itself it is a disgusting question, but an interesting one nonetheless. Let me first start by saying, “I don’t think that you should be able to sell your organs for profit.” But I am going to argue that you should be able to.
Let’s start at the beginning. In the beginning…you know the story. From a religious standpoint, selling your organs seems like a one-way ticket downstairs. I am not a religious scholar, but I am guessing it is a bad idea.
You can sell blood plasma, why shouldn’t you be able to sell other pieces of your body. In fact, I just put my receding hairline on eBay.
Let’s say that your house is in foreclosure, and if you sell a kidney, then you could save your house. Should you be able to do this?
Would organ transplants increase if people were allowed to sell their organs? I am guessing they would. That means that more people would be helped.
Should a family be able to sell a deceased persons’ organs at the deceased request?
This is a pretty crazy topic, huh?
This topic proves one thing. Money has nothing to do with money. It just seems wrong to sell your organs, yet it would help you financially.

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