Starting a new job? Here’s what to do first.

Congrats on your new job! You worked hard to get your new position, and now the busy season of finding a new job is over. But there is still work to be done. Sure you can breathe a sigh of relief that your job search is over, but simultaneously you are probably freaking out about performing at your new job. All of these factors tend to make you a little forgetful at the beginning of a new job. Even if you forget everything else, remember to at least check on these three things before you get too invested in your new job.

1) As always, retirement is a primary concern. Check out what your new employer offers. What is their match? Do they offer auto enrollment or is there a delay? It’s also important to know what percentage you want to contribute from your income. You should at least meet the match, but going beyond what your employer matches is always a good idea.

2) It sounds ridiculous but you need to set a food plan for your new job. Those first few awkward days at a new job can often lead to weird food choices. Getting in the habit of buying lunch out every day sets a bad precedent. Determine what works with your budget, and stick to it.

3) Understand the provided health insurance benefits. There may also be wellness benefits including “wellness bucks” or something similar where your company pays for your gym membership. Learn about all the options you have and then take advantage of them!

Job transitions are a stressful and exciting time of life. Remembering your financial priorities will always serve you well.

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