6.6 percent again? Stop. There was a report yesterday that college cost increased 6.6 percent…again. I have previously taken such news quite clinically. It was just a number. But for some reason I am fired up this year. I say this on the heels of my trip to Wharton, but what is the academic world trying to improve. How could something cost 6.6% more? I would understand an increase that mirrored inflation.

This problem of ridiculous increases is real. Kids are leaving college with more student loan debt than ever before. This is debt that they can’t remove themselves of for about 20 years. Is someone profiting on the other side? I don’t know. I wish I knew. I think that a college education will eventually become devalued. People will find alternatives for their education. Internet classes, commuter classes, and technical school will become a welcomed alternative.

How is it not price gouging?

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