The best and brightest are choosing multiple careers

For many decades the go-to-college-select-a-career-and-work-there-until-you-retire path has been the most popular. But times are a changin’. And it’s something Dr. Erin Albert is very excited about. So excited, she even wrote a book about it. I’ve written about Dr. Erin’s books before, she’s a good friend and a great writer. Her new book Multipationals is all about the non-traditional career paths of America’s best and brightest.

When you hear of a young person with several jobs or someone on their third career path in so many years the immediate connotation is negative. Do they need multiple jobs because they are struggling for money? Are they moving from career to career because they are bad employees? This negative thinking about those who don’t follow a traditional path is something that will have to change as a fluid career lifestyle becomes more and more popular.

Today, up and coming young professionals are more focused on building their personal brand than finding the one job they will stick with for their entire career. Diverse resumes are more appealing than becoming fluent in one field. There is a true entrepreneurial spirit about the unexpected paths many are taking.

I highly recommend listening to my interview with Dr. Erin from The Pete the Planner Radio Show, she’s not just well-versed on this topic, she lives it. Dr. Erin has a BS in Pharmacy from Butler University, a MBA in Marketing from Concordia University Wisconsin, a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) from Shenandoah University, and a JD from the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, with a concentration in healthcare law. Her credentials speak for themselves, I guess I should have led with that, huh?

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