The biggest waste of money is student loans with no degree

This past week on The Pete the Planner Radio Show on WIBC I interviewed Chancellor Allison Barber of WGU Indiana and it kinda blew me away. You all know I love talking about student loans, so when Chancellor Barber emailed me her idea for my segment ‘Biggest waste of money’, I was sold.

So here it is, the biggest waste of money is having student loans and never getting a degree. 

Unfortunately this is more common than you would hope. Often students leave school with the intention of coming back, then life gets in the way and they end up with student loans and no degree. Really the only thing worse than having student loans is having student loans and no degree.

While it’s no secret college is expensive and student loans are hard on your financial life post-graduation, there are plenty of alternatives to getting a degree. WGU is one of those options. Among other great qualities WGU has the lowest student loan default rate of any college in the nation. That’s INSANE. Listen to the segment below to hear the rest of my very interesting conversation with Chancellor Barber (such a great title):

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