The patience of landscaping

I have a green thumb…wait…I think I have a green thumb. Actually, I’m not sure I know what that means. I like to work in my yard and on my landscaping. Does that mean that I have green thumb? Anyway, I learned something interesting this past weekend.

No, this won’t be your run of the mill “growing” metaphor. Although, there is nothing quite like a “growing” metaphor to explain investing and patience.


I am, generally speaking, an impatient person. Not rude-impatient, just impatient. I don’t like to wait for things, I don’t like waiting in lines, and a month usually feels like a year. I have been researching some different plants for some of our landscaping beds, and have discovered that things cost more when you have no patience. If I were to buy seeds for some of these plants, then I would spend maybe 10% of what I would spend if I were just to buy the plant itself. Therefore, I either wait one year or more for the plant to grow to the size of the plants that I could just buy right now.


This is a mind-numbing conundrum for me. I have become somewhat frugal over the years, but my impatience usually trumps my frugality. Do I have my yard look the way I want it  to now, or do I save money and have it look good next year? I have chosen a combination. I have planted some full grown stuff and some seeds.


How often would your patience help or hurt your budget? I know that usually is a challenge for me.


Martha Stewart, here I come.

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