What I teach


I teach personal responsibility.

I teach that you shouldn’t buy things that you can’t objectively afford.

I teach that you should search for alternative funding sources, including ones that you don’t even know about, prior to taking on student loan debt.

I teach that communication will save your marriage. Whether you are beefing over money or something else, structured communication is the key.

I teach that you don’t have to make a ton of money to be a success.

I teach that you can give you and your family an amazing life, if you believe in yourself and your ability to be disciplined.

I teach that borrowing money from your family isn’t cool.

I teach that lending money to your family isn’t cool.

I teach that education can get you a better job, if you get the right education.

I teach that you should buy life insurance.

I teach that you have much more to do with your chances of being a financial success than you think.

This is what I teach.

I will stand by this. These teachings won’t be compromised.

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