What to do when you get in a car accident

I was in a car accident a few weeks ago. It sucked as much as you’d think it sucked and, to add insult to injury, I was hit in Muncie while sitting at a red light by a 19 year old who called me sir. Sir! After which she immediately swore she wasn’t texting (Okay, sure). 

So obviously, getting in an accident isn’t fun, but neither is the hassle that follows which is why I called up my amazing insurance agent Todd Curry of the Curry Agency to help me through the process.

I’m still in an emotionally raw place from this accident (kidding), so we’ll roll through these steps in bullet points:

– Don’t admit guilt

– Gather insurance information

– Get a police report

– Call your insurance agent

– Assess injuries

– If it was clearly not your fault and you aren’t injured, don’t file a claim with your insurance. File through the offending party and their insurance will pay for the damage. This limits the damage to your insurance record. Of course, your insurance agent will help you make this decision. Oh, and you should definitely have an insurance agent.

– Schedule a time for the adjustor to come assess the damages. From their assessment you will receive a settlement amount. 

– Then comes the random paperwork. Just all damn day I receive paperwork from the other insurance company.

– Eventually, you’ll take the vehicle to get it fixed (wherever you want). If for some reason the damage is more extensive or more costly than what was given to you in the settlement then you’ll request a re-assessment. More paperwork will ensue.

Are you tired yet? I’m tired just typing it all out. Getting in a minor accident sucks, but really the aftermath is just as annoying. This is why I’m glad my insurance is with an actual human. Todd was the first person I texted after the accident. The second? My chiropractor, naturally. I highly recommend having an agent you can easily call and walk through things with, in the event of an accident. Todd’s been on top of it and it’s saved me a lot of stress and time.

To hear more insurance wisdom listen to my conversation with Todd Curry on The Pete the Planner Radio Show on 93 WIBC:

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