What’s your reason?

The holidays are upon us. That means that you probably are going to be purchasing some gifts for some folks. I think that gift giving is fascinating from a sociological perspective. I find that there are a number of reasons that people give gifts, and a number of different reasons you buy what you buy.

People buy gifts for others out of love, guilt, admiration, appreciation, tradition, reciprocation, fear, and finally the good old holiday spirit. Why do you give? I’m sure your answer is different based on who you are giving to. The next variable in the giving equation is: Why do you buy what you buy for the person you are buying for?

Here are some possible reasons that you choose to buy what you buy.

  • You think that the receiver needs the item.
  • You think that the receiver would like the item.
  • You think that the receiver would be impressed that you bought them the item.
  • You want to show the receiver that you can afford the item.
  • It is a forced gift exchange and you bought the first thing you could find under $10 at the drug store.
  • You like the gift and you want the receiver to not use the gift so that you may use it.
  • It is the only thing that you can afford.
  • It has sentimental value.
  • You are re-gifting.

I like to think about all of this when I am buying gifts just to make sure that I am doing things for the right reasons. Maybe you need to take yourself through the same process.

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