When normal people do great stuff

How do you go from feeling like you have no money to some money? The better question is, how do you go from not much money to rich in a different way?

Well, leave it to a smart guy with a noble cause to figure out the answer to this question. Brandon Andress, a normal Joe (that is anything but normal) decided along with his family to raise money for the poor in Haiti. I was tipped off to Brandon’s charitable idea from a friend. He is trying to teach his kids what “thankful” really means. Thankful means that you have a meal tonight. Thankful means that your 401(k) is a luxury. Thankful means that you HELP OTHERS. And that’s what Brandon and his family are doing.

Feel free to check out Brandon’s donation page. I personally have donated. There is no better way to give thanks than to give. Congrats Brandon. You and your family are really cool.

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