Why I scrapped my multi-level marketing criticism post

I personally think multi-level marketing schemes are a bad idea. Scheme isn’t necessarily a negative word, by the way. I had a beautifully crafted post on the ins and outs of multi-level marketing. It got mean spirited, so I scrapped it. I’ve had the great misfortune of watching several people waste a lot of time and money on “get rich quick” schemes.

But just because I think they are a bad idea, doesn’t mean they are. I scrapped the post because I didn’t want to crush the morale of anyone that currently is engaged in a multi-level marketing company. Maybe that MLM is changing their life. I doubt that it’s financially changing their life, but life isn’t all about money. Do I think someone can find better ways to spend both their time and money? Absolutely. But maybe the MLM lifestyle is fine for now.

I can’t possibly shed any more light on this topic that hasn’t already been shed by someone else. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has even issued several reports saying they’re dangerous.

I know how desperate people can feel when money problems arise. I know that it’s healthy to channel these negative feelings into something tangible and productive. I personally believe people should focus on spending less money, opposed to making more money via an MLM. I think budgeting and getting out of debt are the answer to financial stress. I don’t believe schemes help people.

If you currently are participating in a home-based business or MLM, I urge you to read the FTC report (link) above. The answer to your financial problems will come via your budget, not some random company that very few people have ever heard of.

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