Win a copy of my new book…for someone else

To celebrate the release of my new book, I’m giving away some free copies, but there’s a catch. You are trying to win a copy for someone else. Tell me why someone you know needs a copy of the book. The contest ends at 8pm tonight (7/9). Please tell me the person’s first name and why they need the book. I’ll be picking five winners.

Here’s how you tell me. Like my Facebook page, and then post a message on my wall.

2 thoughts on “Win a copy of my new book…for someone else

  1. My mom, Cathy, could really benefit from this book. So could my aunt, Sandy. Both of them work really hard and always try to help out other family members with money. My worry is they are not prepared for hard times personally and I don’t want them to be in a place where they struggle more than they do already.

  2. My two sisters could both benefit from your book. I have already passed the 60 Days to Change to my friend Amy, but would like to give your new book to my sisters! One of my sisters is currently going through a divorce and she needs to really tighten her budget since she was used to two incomes. My other sister works a FT and PT job, while her husband is 1099 and they seem to just make ends meets and have credit card debt that never seems to go away. Would love to give these two a gift that keeps on giving and something that will change their lives forever!

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