Ep. 442: Stress is an amazing financial motivator…at first

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This week on the Pete the Planner Show, we’re exploring three main topics:

  • How does the taxation of ETFs differ from the taxation of actively managed mutual funds?
  • Does you level of stability impact your primary financial motivation? Pete says absolutely yes.
  • The economy is gonna get weird in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2022, according to Pete’s bold prediction of the week.

Here’s a preview of what happened and when:

Show Notes:

Diana wants to know if ETFs are a tax nightmare

When you are holding passive investment vehicles, your tax burden can often be significantly less than when you’re holding active vehicles. Dame explains.

Pete has a new theory about stress, reality, and opportunity

Pete’s hypothesis is that people who aren’t struggling, but also not stable, run the risk of chasing opportunity, as opposed to acting on the reality of the situation.

Will student loan repayments starting up again in May impact the economy?

Pete and Dame say yes, that is unless repayment obligations are delayed again.

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